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Bloomington Landscaping

Bloomington Landscaping

Unlock the secret to stunning and functional outdoor spaces through our exceptional Bloomington landscaping services. Natural Environments Corporation offers a diverse range of services meticulously crafted to elevate the beauty and appeal of your property. Whether you have a specific landscaping vision or need expert guidance, our dedicated design and installation team is prepared to satisfy your expectations. Take the first step towards your ideal outdoor space by requesting a quote from us today.

Landscaping Ideas for Bloomington MN

What Bloomington Landscaping Services Does Natural Environments Corporation Provide?

In the city of Bloomington, we offer a complete design-build experience. This means that we have a landscape designer to come out with you, meet with you, examine the site, and talk about your hopes and dreams for the project. They come back to our office and put together a great design for you. Once the design is completed, our build team will come down and start the installation process. 

We have many years of experience installing things like patios, decks, and kitchens. We can also install new driveways, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, water features, and more. If you want new native plantings all throughout the project, then we can add those as well for a touch of natural beauty. Virtually anything you can think of is what we’re able to install in the city of Bloomington. Request a quote today to get started on your project.


Bloomington, a city of Hennepin County, Minnesota is a south suburb of Minneapolis, MN. The uniqueness of Bloomington landscaping includes incorporating passive solar design in your landscaping design, enhancing your home’s curb appeal with your driveway and walkway, increase the aesthetics of your backyard with your patio or deck, trees, shrubs and flowers, and implementing xeriscaping. Natural Environments Corporation (NEC), one of the largest landscape contractors and landscaping companies in Minneapolis, MN provides high-quality passive solar landscape design, driveway & walkway landscape design, patio & deck landscape design as well as xeriscape design for Bloomington, MN. In Bloomington MN and its surrounding areas and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, NEC is the number one name in landscape design.

Landscaping Bloomington MN - Minneapolis

Recent Landscaping Projects We Completed in Bloomington

A couple of recent Bloomington landscaping projects we completed included one that involved an entirely new two-level deck that went down to a patio. It was a very complicated project, so the design aspect of that project was crucial to get right. Then we took about half of the yard and converted it into a native planting area, more of a meadow. It was a very successful project and we really enjoyed doing it. 

Another one we recently did was putting together an outdoor environment for a learning center at a grocery store. This outdoor learning center had all kinds of native plantings and outdoor features to educate children in the local community about how native plants affect the environment. We’re really proud of that project. 

Bloomington Landscaping
Landscaping Bloomington

What to Consider Before a Bloomington Landscaping Project

There are two main things to consider before any Bloomington landscaping project: local rules and regulations and how experienced your contractor is. Here is an overview of both aspects: 

Local Rules and Regulations 

Residents of Bloomington should certainly consider all the rules and regulations that govern their landscaping and property before starting any landscaping project. That’s step number one. You want to make sure that you talk to a contractor that has local knowledge and local experience in dealing with the city to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Your Contractor’s Experience Level 

Also, you want to make sure that the contractor has a great deal of experience installing things in Bloomington so you can make sure the project is done correctly. If you hire the wrong contractor, there’s a good chance that your project won’t be completed on time or on-budget. There’s also a fair chance that you might have a product failure if they install something incorrectly. Product failures can lead to unsafe conditions that can be hazardous for your family and your guests. It’s vital to not let that happen — choose a contractor like NEC with over four decades of experience. Request a quote from us today. 

Why Choose Natural Environments Corporation?

Hire a contractor that has decades of experience, like NEC. NEC has a great deal of experience in the city of Bloomington with both the rules and regulations and the installations themselves. We have expert installers, we have expert designers, so we can install projects with a high level of confidence that you’re going to have a great outcome. Get started on your Bloomington landscaping project today by contacting us.

Landscaping Companies in Bloomington MN

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Two landscaping features that can help with stormwater runoff include rain gardens and retaining walls. Rain gardens are a natural solution where plantings are added to a depression. Through gravity, the stormwater runoff travels to the garden and waters the plants there. 

Retaining walls can also help with stormwater runoff. We can install a retaining wall that has a drainage system. When the stormwater runoff builds up along the back of the wall, it will gradually flow through the drainage system. This water can be diverted into areas like a pond or a rain garden. 

How landscaping enhances safety depends on the type of features you install. For example, replacing old walkways with new paths can enhance safety since old broken paths can pose a tripping hazard. You can also add a fence to keep children and pets safe. If you’re interested in learning about the safety of various landscaping features, we recommend contacting us today.

At Natural Environments Corporation, we have a professional design team that knows all the right questions to ask to figure out what you’re looking for. You don’t need to worry about lacking ideas with our experts on your side. 

One of the most environmentally-friendly features of landscaping is native plants. Native plants serve as a food source for pollinators and a habitat for local wildlife. Along with that, native plants typically require little to no irrigation since they have adapted to Minnesota’s climate and rain patterns. 

A professional landscaper can help you navigate some of the more tedious and confusing aspects of the landscaping process, particularly navigating permits and city guidelines. With their expertise, you can also trust that the end result will be how you envisioned it. They will be able to maximize your budget and operate on an efficient timetable.



 NEC Bloomington landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors offer the highest quality premiere landscape design, construction and maintenance services in Bloomington MN and the surrounding Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Our Bloomington landscape design and landscape construction team follows a four-step landscaping process to ensure that every client receives exceptional service: free consultation with our landscape designers, landscape design, landscape building, and landscape maintenance for all landscaping services we offer.

Landscape Design Bloomington MN


When you request a quote from NEC, one of the largest landscaping companies in Bloomington MN and Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, you can always expect a quick response. After discussing your exceptional landscaping project via email or phone we will set up an appointment to meet with you at our office, your home or business location for a free landscaping consultation with our Bloomington or Minneapolis landscape designers. NEC crews, including our landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors, all have extensive knowledge and expertise in the landscape design and installation field. Our landscape designers and architects can provide you with Bloomington landscaping ideas. We will also discuss general landscaping project budgets as well as landscaping design costs.

Landscaping Companies in Bloomington MN


NEC has top-notch Bloomington landscape architects and landscape designers to design your landscaping project. Our experienced Bloomington landscape design team uses a proven landscape design process, and transforms your landscape idea into an aesthetic, exceptional and extraordinary landscaping project.

Landscaping Ideas for Bloomington MN



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