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Eden Prairie Landscaping

Eden Prairie Landscaping

At Natural Environments Corporation, we offer countless Eden Prairie landscaping services to make your outdoor space function well and look gorgeous. We have over 40 years of experience working in the local area to handle everything from lawn maintenance to complete outdoor restoration projects. No matter how small or large your project is, you can trust us to handle it with the utmost professionalism. Request a quote today to get started. 

Eden Prairie Landscaping

What Is Eden Prairie Landscaping?

In the city of Eden Prairie, we offer a complete design-build experience. The experience starts with having a designer come out to your home. They’ll meet with you, discuss your goals and dreams for the property, and take a look at the existing site conditions. Then, they’ll come back to our office and put together a great design for you. Once that design is completed, our professional installation team will come out and install the project. 

The different services we offer include rip rap, pools, fences, retaining walls, outdoor living spaces, driveways, retaining walls, patios, decks, fences, and more. Overall, we offer a full gamut of Eden Prairie landscaping services to improve your outdoor space. Request a quote today to get started on your landscaping project.

Landscaping Projects We’ve Completed in Eden Prairie

Some of the Eden Prairie landscaping projects we recently completed included a complete replacement of an existing deck with a spiral staircase and a naturalized shoreline. We also added patios and an outdoor kitchen as an entertainment space. 

Another project we recently completed in Eden Prairie included a paver driveway and a paver sidewalk, along with new foundation plantings and the installation of a rain garden. Rain gardens help control stormwater runoff, so they’re a natural way to help the habitat and the environment. 

A third project we recently completed in Eden Prairie included a new shoreline rip rap system. The client was having some problems with ice push, and we were able to help resolve the issues for the shoreline to help protect their property investment.

Eden Prairie Patio Landscaping
Landscaping Eden Prairie MN

What to Know Before an Eden Prairie Landscaping Project

If you’re starting a project in Eden Prairie, you need to consider the rules and regulations that govern your property. The city of Eden Prairie and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District that governs that area have many rules and regulations. It’s important to keep these in mind so your project doesn’t get delayed. We always recommend choosing a contractor like NEC that has vast knowledge and experience working in the city of Eden Prairie. Bring your ideas with an experienced contractor today by requesting a quote from us. 

What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Contractor in Plymouth?

It’s important that the designers and installers of a landscaping company have many years of experience. If you hire the wrong company to handle your landscaping project in the city of Eden Prairie, you’re likely going to have a poor outcome. 

A poor outcome could entail your project not being completed on budget. It could also involve product failures, which can result in unsafe conditions for you and your family. 

Landscaping Eden Prairie MN
Eden Prairie Landscape Contractors

Why Natural Environments Corporation?

If you hire Natural Environments Corporation, we have over four decades of experience working in the city of Eden Prairie. We have expert designers and installers and have completed many successful landscaping projects in Eden Prairie. You can rest assured that if you hire us to do your project, you’ll have a great outcome and a beautiful yard when you’re done. Request a quote to find out more about our Eden Prairie landscaping services today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why landscaping is vital for residential properties. One that most people think of right away is aesthetics. Professional landscapers can add gardens, water features, paved pathways, and more to add to a home’s curb appeal. 

Another reason landscaping is important is because it can help the environment. For example, uncontrolled stormwater runoff will pick up contaminants from the environment, which will eventually travel to local lakes. We can install rain gardens so the runoff is used to water plants. 

Finally, landscaping can protect your investment. Shoreline erosion will decrease the total area of your land over time. Erosion is also common on slopes, which can displace soil. If the problem is severe enough, it may even cause a mudslide, damaging your property in the process.

One common misconception about native plants is that there isn’t much variety compared to non-native plant species. In reality, there are many types of native grasses, trees, and wildflowers that you can use to enhance your property. For example, multiple styles of forget-me-nots, such as true, field, and smaller ones, are native to Minnesota. If you’re looking for bright and bold flowers, look no further than the striking orange hawkweed or a red tiger lily. There are even exotic-seeming plants like the carnivorous purple pitcher plant that are actually Minnesota natives. If you’re thinking about growing a native garden or adding some new trees to your property, contact us today to find out more. 

Yes, landscaping can increase the value of your home. The exact value increase depends on the types of projects you implement, the materials they’re made of, the aesthetic appeal, the current market conditions, and so on. Even if a landscaping project doesn’t add much value to your home, though, it will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. If you had to pick between a home that had a dying lawn and a cracked driveway or one that had a thriving garden and beautiful paths, you’d almost certainly choose the second one. 

If you’ve been researching landscaping, you may have come across the terms “hardscaping” and “softscaping.” What do these mean? Well, softscaping is the living element of your landscape, like trees and flowers. Meanwhile, hardscaping is everything else added to a landscape, like rocks, concrete pathways, and so on.

Yes, landscaping is a great way to improve privacy on your property. Fences, trees, and large shrubs around your property are particularly effective for this purpose. 

If you need inspiration, we recommend taking a look at our landscaping gallery. It includes many past landscaping projects we’ve completed, ranging from retaining walls to water features and more. If you’re still short on ideas and inspiration, we recommend contacting us. Having worked with many clients over the years, we can ask you the right questions to get a better idea of what exactly you’re looking for.



NEC Eden Prairie landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors offer the highest quality premiere landscape design, construction and maintenance services in Eden Prairie MN and the surrounding Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Our Eden Prairie landscape design and landscape construction team follows a four-step landscaping process to ensure that every client receives exceptional service: free consultation with our landscape designers, landscape design, landscape building, and landscape maintenance for all landscaping services we offer.

Eden Prairie Landscaping


When you request a quote from NEC, one of the largest landscaping companies in Eden Prairie MN and Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, you can always expect a quick response. After discussing your exceptional landscaping project via email or phone we will set up an appointment to meet with you at our office, your home or business location for a free landscaping consultation with our Eden Prairie Area or Minneapolis landscape designers. NEC crews, including our landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors, all have extensive knowledge and expertise in the landscape design and installation field. Our landscape designers and architects can provide you with Eden Prairie Area landscaping ideas. We will also discuss general landscaping project budgets as well as landscaping design costs.

Eden Prairie Landscape Contractors


Natural Environments Corporation has top-notch Eden Prairie landscape designers to design your landscaping project. Our experienced Eden Prairie landscape design team uses a proven landscape design process, and transforms your landscape idea into an unique, aesthetic and extraordinary landscaping project.

Landscape Design Eden Prairie MN



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Our landscaping services in Minneapolis St. Paul – Twin Cities include landscape design, retaining walls, boulder retaining walls, stone walls, rip rap, shoreline erosion control, patios, driveways, helical piers and more.


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