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How Much Do Retaining Walls Cost?

how much do retaining walls cost

At Natural Environments Corporation, a question we get asked a lot is, “How much do retaining walls cost?” There are two different ways to look at this question. The first is to find the total cost of the retaining wall, and the second is to look at the average square footage cost. In this blog post, we will look at both methods. We’ll also examine how retaining wall costs vary per material and the best method of budgeting for a retaining wall. 

What Factors Into a Retaining Wall’s Cost?

Finding the exact cost of a retaining wall is a surprisingly complex process. That’s why one way to look at a retaining wall’s cost is to consider all the factors that go into designing and installing a retaining wall. These include:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Equipment and fuel 
  • Profit margin
  • Overhead 

Adding all these together will get you the total cost of a retaining wall. 

Average Square Footage Cost of Retaining Walls in Minnesota 

The method above is the most accurate way to determine a retaining wall’s cost. However, when you need a ballpark estimate, the best thing to look at is the average per-square-foot cost. This is the total cost divided by the square footage of the wall, or the length times the height. Many of the common types and sizes of retaining walls in Minnesota cost somewhere between $45-100 per square foot. 

How Does the Material Affect Retaining Wall Costs?

One of the main factors that affect average per square foot costs is the material. The main types of materials you can build retaining walls out of include concrete, natural stone, wood, steel, boulders, and more. Typically a steel retaining wall will cost the most. Forbes estimates that the costs are between $65-150 per square foot, which is well above average. On the more budget-friendly end is a wooden wall, which is $45 per square foot on average. Meanwhile, a   natural stone wall is in the middle, costing about $50per square foot. 

However, it’s important not to only choose a retaining wall based on the initial material costs. The situation matters most when determining the right retaining wall. For example, while steel walls have a higher initial cost, they are extremely durable. Homeowners can consider them an investment in long-term erosion control, which will preserve their property’s value. A professional contractor like Natural Environments Corporation can help you determine which type of retaining wall is right for you based on your specific situation. 

How to Budget for a Retaining Wall 

Budgeting for a retaining wall is difficult when you go based only on average costs. Site conditions such as the subsoil type or the slope may require more hours of labor or specialized equipment to complete the wall. Instead of budgeting for a retaining wall only to face unexpected price hikes, find a company that will work with your existing budget to make something you’re satisfied with. At Natural Environments Corporation, we’re here to do just that. With 40 years of experience, we know all the factors to consider that will get you an accurate price estimate. Get a free quote from us today. 

Contact NEC Today to Learn More About Retaining Walls 

retaining walls cost

The decision to get a retaining wall can be a major one. How much will it cost? Which material is best for your situation? Will it add to your property’s aesthetics? What size should the wall be? How long will it take to build it? We know all these questions and more may be running through your mind. As professional landscapers with decades of experience in retaining wall design and installation, we’re fully equipped to answer your inquiries. Contact us today to find out about retaining wall costs.





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