Gardens & Plantings

Taking a cue from architectural design, we prioritize the seasonal life cycle of plants over fleeting decorative considerations. Structural characteristics are the heart of our planting design, including the shape of flowers, leafs, and pods just as much as color. To us, a garden is exciting when it looks good throughout the year, and we believe you should be able to go outside and enjoy your garden in all weather. While our compositions are often described as painterly, their true inspiration is ecological context.

Garden Planting Landscaping Minneapolis

Garden Design

Our gardens are holistically designed and installed with the utmost care. Plants are selected based on their beauty, sustainability, and adaptability. They offer multiple ecological benefits including water filtration, erosion prevention, shelter for wildlife, and visual diversity across all four seasons.

Shoreline Restoration

Our shorelines are naturally full of a rich diversity of life: plants, animals, and microorganisms, including humans. As we understand more about the structure and function of shores, we also become aware of the importance of our role in keeping these systems healthy. Our restorations can lead to a higher quality outdoor space and a community full of life and beauty.

Rain Gardens

Did you know that stormwater runoff carries leaves, grass clippings, fertilizers and pesticides from streets and rooftops that are contaminating our water bodies? Rain Gardens serves as water filters, collecting polluted stormwater before it reaches our lakes and rivers. The easiest way to help water infiltrate into the ground rather than runoff into storm sewers is by creating a rain garden. We strategically site our gardens to intercept rainwater runoff, creating a beautiful garden and a cost-efficient stormwater solution.


Minnesota’s native prairies are breathtaking. Nature makes it look easy, but the many complicated decisions and actions required to successfully grow a native plant community (prairie, meadow, wetland, savanna or woodland) from seed can prove daunting. We are experts in designing, installing, and maintaining native prairies, and are here to help.

Native Plugs

Frequently we find ourselves recommending the installation of native “plugs” for larger garden installations. While these plants are very small, they can provide a huge value to patient customers with costs often 80% less than a 1-Gallon plant.


Woodland gardens can be particularly challenging but exceptionally rewarding! We find the best way to have success is by taking clues from nature; look to your surroundings for help. How do the natural wooded areas grow? What native plants do you see? Now look at your own area. How does the light, soil, and drainage compare?

Trees & Shrubs

Most trees and shrubs will have care needs that change during a single year as well as throughout their life cycle. Proper fertilization and pruning are often time-sensitive, and pruning at the wrong time of year can set the plant back and potentially leave it susceptible to disease!


An irrigation system is one of the best insurance policies you can make to preserve the appearance of your new or existing landscaping. A verdant green lawn, healthy trees, thriving shrubs, and softscape features all rely on adequate water. Short and long-term droughts can stress your lawn and other plants, causing damage and potentially leading to dead spots. Irrigation systems can be very sophisticated and require professional installation and maintenance to maximize their results.



Our landscaping services in Minneapolis St. Paul – Twin Cities include landscape design, retaining walls, boulder retaining walls, stone walls, rip rap, shoreline erosion control, patios, driveways, helical piers and more.


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