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Gardens & Plantings

Searching for Minneapolis garden & landscape planting services in Minnesota? At Natural Environments Corporation, creating beautiful landscapes is our specialty, including through gardens and planting. We’ve been working since 1983 to bring homeowners the right landscaping solutions for them. You can trust our experts to create something that fits your home, budget, and personal style. If you want a garden on your property, we’ll be happy to help. Contact us today to get started.

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Why Have a Garden?

Why should you install a garden on your property? There are many good reasons to, including:


One of the reasons to install gardens is for beauty. Imagine looking out your window every morning and seeing a beautiful arrangement of blooming flowers. It’s a way of feeling more connected with nature, even if you live in a more urbanized area. Experiencing the beauty of nature has shown to have benefits on people’s mental health and well-being.

Stabilizing Certain Areas

Gardens and plantings also help stabilize certain areas of your yard, like slopes or shaded areas. Depending on the types of plants used, gardens can be added in shady areas where grass won’t grow. Having the plants there is a natural way of preventing erosion. 

Having a Naturalized Space

Another reason that you might want to add gardens and plantings is to naturalize a space. A naturalized space doesn’t need to be mowed every week, leading to less work on the part of the property owner.

Encourages Time Outdoors 

Having a garden outside can encourage you to spend more time outside, especially if you don’t have an outdoor entertainment space. Spending time outside has many excellent health benefits like getting Vitamin D from the sun.

Environmental Benefits 

Another reason you might want to add a garden is to help the environment by adding native species and pollinators. You can use less water and help our pollinators to make the earth a better place to live. 

If you’re interested in creating a garden on your property after learning about these benefits, you’ll want the help of Natural Environments Corporation. Our team will work with you to add a garden that allows you to experience all of these benefits and more. Request a quote today to get started.

How Are Gardens and Plantings Installed?

Every great garden in Minnesota must start with a remarkable design. We need to make sure to pick the right plants that will grow in the type of environment that we have. If we select plants that are not going to tolerate the area we plant them in, they’ll likely die, and we’ll have to restart our efforts. So, coming up with the right type of plant for the right environment is critical to having a successful garden. 

If you want to look at how you can help the environment, which is critical in this day and age, you can pick native plant species that require less water and are attractive to pollinators. It’s a great way to help the environment on an individual level and make you feel great about your property. 

Also, an aspect of gardening that’s often overlooked is trees. Trees help the environment and provide shade for your home, garden space, patio, and yard. Trees are also particularly excellent for erosion control since the thick roots stabilize the ground and the leaves mitigate erosion from heavy rain. 

What Happens if Gardens and Plantings Aren’t Installed Correctly?

Improperly installed Minneapolis gardens and plantings typically have a low success rate. If you’re investing money in a garden, you should expect it to last as long as you perform the necessary maintenance steps. 

Amateur gardeners may plant the wrong types of plants for the climate, causing them to die quickly. They may also give you improper advice on the maintenance needs of the plants. For example, they may say that the plants are low-maintenance and only need watering every two weeks when they really need to be watered every few days. It is also possible that the plants will be placed in the wrong location, such as a plant that thrives in the sun being placed in the shade. 

It’s best to hire someone who understands gardens and plantings enough to install them properly and knows how to maintain them. Request a quote today to start working with our experienced installers. 

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

Home gardens provide many benefits and can be an attractive addition to your space. Both horticultural and native gardens are good options for your home garden. Horticultural gardens can require more maintenance, however, you can always utilize the services of our maintenance crews to keep your gardens looking beautiful. You’ll need to evaluate the benefits and see what appeals to you. If you’d like some help deciding what type of garden would be best for you, you can always contact us for assistance. 

We mentioned earlier that native plant species could help the environment, but why are native plants so important? Well, native plants require less water, they’re healthier, they support the local ecosystem, and they’re also more attractive to pollinators. If you’re worried that using native plants will limit your aesthetic options, don’t worry. Our team has expert knowledge of native plants and can help you choose the ones that are right for your garden.

Where you put a garden will depend on your specific yard and what you’re looking for. You may want a small garden near the house, so it’s easy to access, or you may want large plants like trees planted around the yard to provide shade when you’re entertaining guests. We will weigh your needs and work with you to figure out the best place to put your garden.

Yes, gardens can affect property value in some cases. Landscaping features like gardens are usually seen as a positive since they beautify the property and make it look more appealing. Of course, the garden needs to be properly installed and well-maintained to be viewed positively. A garden with dead and wilting plants will naturally have the opposite effect from a thriving, gorgeous garden. We always recommend working with experts like us at Natural Environments Corporation to install the best garden for your property.



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