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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a necessary job, but it’s often one that people dread doing. If you want to save time and make your landscape look gorgeous, you should consider getting lawn maintenance services from Natural Environments Corporation. We’re landscape specialists with a breadth of knowledge. Whether you need us to weed your garden or mow your lawn, you can count on our 40 years of experience to bring you expert results time and time again. Request a quote today to get started.

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What Does Lawn Maintenance Entail?

A few of the things that could be covered by a lawn maintenance company include:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Fertilization
  • Garden maintenance 
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Seasonal cleanups

In some cases, lawn maintenance companies will give you recommendations for how to improve your landscape.

How Is Lawn Maintenance Done?

Lawn maintenance is completed through specific job(s) you request from your chosen lawn maintenance company. Many lawn maintenance jobs are executed on a regular basis rather than being one-time gigs. For lawn mowing, we’ll typically come out every week and mow your lawn until the service is no longer needed. Seasonal cleanups, on the other hand, are often completed on a one-time basis. These jobs can include trimming hedges, raking leaves, or picking up pine needles, so your property can continue looking neat and polished. 

What Should You Look for in a Landscaping Contractor?

What should you consider when hiring a lawn maintenance company? There are three main points to keep in mind:

Do They Have the Expertise You Need? 

Ideally, you should find a company that has a breadth of knowledge. As mentioned, there are many different jobs involved in lawn maintenance, from weeding and gardening to seasonal cleanups and more. It’s much easier to find one company you can trust and stick with them for all your lawn maintenance needs. That way, you know what results to expect since they have the expertise to do whatever lawn maintenance jobs you require. 

Do They Provide Quality Services? 

Another important factor is whether they provide the quality of service that you’re looking for. Ask around — what lawn maintenance companies are your neighbors, nearby friends, coworkers, or family members using? You can also check reviews and testimonials online to see whether clients are satisfied with the company’s services.  

Does Their Pricing Fit Your Budget? 

Lastly, does their pricing fit your budget?  Sometimes the pricing can seem enticing at first, but it doesn’t lead to the results you were expecting. As such, it’s best to find a landscaping company that brings good value. How to determine whether or not a lawn contractor is doing their job properly is quite simple. Just ask yourself: Is your lawn thriving? Are your garden spaces flourishing? Does your property look great? If it doesn’t, then you probably need a different lawn maintenance contractor. 

If you need a contractor that has years of knowledge, quality services, and affordable pricing, request a quote from Natural Environments Corporation today. 

What Happens If Lawn Maintenance Isn’t Done Correctly?

If lawn maintenance isn’t done correctly, it will typically have the opposite effect of what you were hoping for. Instead of having a beautiful lawn that improves the curb appeal of your property, you’ll likely have a patchy-looking lawn. Some areas may be cut too short, inhibiting the growth of grass, while others are left long and unruly.

Also, instead of having a well-fertilized garden, your plants may be over-fertilized. This leads to fertilizer burn, which is when the salt content from the fertilizer dries out the roots. In turn, the plants will likely die. As for seasonal cleanups, the job may be incomplete, with some areas missed or some hedges not being fully trimmed. 

If you don’t want to waste your investment, get expert lawn maintenance by requesting a quote from us today.  

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn maintenance is important for maintaining your property’s aesthetics. A well-maintained lawn and garden reflect well on your property. Besides this, lawn maintenance also helps the plants on your property thrive, from grass and trees to flowers. Fertilization, weeding, and other lawn maintenance services are vital for the health of your plants. 

Lawn mowing season typically ends in late October or early November. Lawn mowing is unnecessary during the colder seasons because grass grows much slower. The lawn mowing season starts up again in the spring once the cold winter weather has passed and the snow has melted. 

There are many benefits to hiring a lawn maintenance service, including:


  • Save time: Considering how quickly grass grows, it can be a hassle to mow your lawn every week. Also, if you have a large garden outside, you’ll be spending a long time on maintenance. You can save a lot of time and energy by having a lawn maintenance company do it on your behalf. 
  • Professional results: Professional lawn maintenance companies know how to get the job done right each and every time. You can expect mowed grass that looks even, a garden that looks healthy, and a landscape that looks polished. 
  • Environmental benefits: Because of the expertise experienced lawn companies have, they know the right solutions to use that will minimize damage to and/or benefit the environment. They are also less likely to make critical errors that threaten the quality of the soil or harm your plants. 


Experience all these benefits and more by getting lawn maintenance services from Natural Environments Corporation.



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