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Outdoor Living Spaces

At Natural Environments Corporation, we specialize in everything landscaping, including outdoor living spaces. If you need one installed, we are the experts to call. For 40 years, we have helped clients bring their landscaping dreams into reality. From design to installation, we make sure to exceed expectations every step of the way so you can enjoy your new landscaping feature for years to come. Request a quote from us today to get started. 

What Are Outdoor Living Spaces?

As the name suggests, outdoor living spaces are spaces designed for living and entertaining outdoors. There are many amenities you can put in an outdoor living space. Whether you want a space to enjoy time with family and friends or where you can host parties, they are an excellent choice. 

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How Are Outdoor Living Spaces Installed?

Beautiful outdoor living spaces start with a great design. The design process begins when we get an understanding of how a client wants to utilize their outdoor space and how they see themselves living in that space. All of the aspects of the outdoor living space should be covered in the design. Examples of outdoor living space amenities include:

  • Kitchen: Outdoor kitchens are convenient when you want to host gatherings involving food. Rather than having to carry food from inside the home, it’s right there for your guests to enjoy. The kitchen may include a grill, stove, island, oven, and other appliances depending on your preferences.
  • Fireplaces or fire pits: Fireplaces and fire pits can make your outdoor living space feel cozier, especially at night or during cold weather. They’re one of the best ways to extend usage of your outdoor living space in Minnesota, since you can still enjoy your space in late fall or early spring with the heat of a fireplace or fire pit.
  • Hot tub: Hot tubs are practically the epitome of relaxation. Unwinding after a long day is made easy with a hot tub in your outdoor living space. Plus, since it’s outdoors, you get to enjoy time in nature and look at your property’s beautiful view.
  • Swimming pools: You may want to include a swimming pool in an outdoor living space for your household and any guests to enjoy. Swimming pools allow you to cool off during the summer and host pool parties from the comfort of your home.
  • Furniture: While homeowners differ on preferred amenities, one that everyone can agree on is furniture. Furniture is essential to make your outdoor living space more comfortable and functional. From dining tables and sofas to chairs, there are many furniture options you can include to make the space your own. 


Trying to understand how the client sees themselves using the space can help the design team come up with the right outdoor living space for them. 

Next, we take a look at material options. It’s important to utilize a contractor with access to all the types of materials that you want to use so you have everything available to you. Being limited to one material option will make the final result less customized for your specific needs and desired aesthetic. 

Of course, you want to ensure the installation team has the experience to install everything properly. They might offer a variety of options, but an inexperienced team will lead to a poor end result. Some of the knowledge they’ll need includes:

  • Different types of fireplaces and fire pits and how to build them
  • How to construct the flooring properly, whether it’s made of pavers, stone, wood, or something else
  • How to size the outdoor living space to accommodate all the amenities you desire
  • Safety requirements of all of the outdoor appliances and structures
  • Local codes, rules, and regulations


Overall, you need to make sure the installation team has the expertise and all the different types of products you might utilize. At Natural Environments Corporation, we have many material options and the expertise to install all of them. Request a quote today so we can get started on your outdoor living space.

What Happens if Outdoor Living Spaces Aren’t Installed Correctly?

Outdoor living spaces require attention to detail if they’re going to be installed properly. It’s not something homeowners generally have the capacity to do themselves. If they aren’t installed well, they may cause problems such as:

Hazardous Features 

The individual features need to function the way they’re supposed to. Otherwise, they can risk your safety. 

For example, you might have a fireplace that’s improperly installed, so when you light the fire, it creates a smoky environment. Instead of having an enjoyable space for entertaining, it’s a space where everyone is coughing. 

Meanwhile, if the kitchen isn’t installed correctly, you won’t be able to use it without the risk of fires. Needless to say, not having an experienced team can be dangerous. 

Major Structural Issues

Installation problems may affect the floor underneath your outdoor space. If the foundation is unstable or wasn’t built correctly, your flooring may shift or crack over time. 

Shifting and cracks can pose a tripping hazard. You’ll also have to invest more money trying to fix mistakes rather than being able to relax in your new outdoor living space. 

Overall, an outdoor living space is a little more complicated than just a basic patio or similar space. Because of this, you’ll need to find a skilled team like Natural Environments Corporation. Request a free quote today. 

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to maximize your outdoor living space is to add amenities that you and any guests can enjoy. If you want the space to be cozy and comfortable all year long, you may want to add a fireplace or a ceiling fan. Another way to maximize your outdoor space is through the aesthetics. Having furniture that fits your house and style is great for beautifying the space. You might also consider adding plants for a natural touch. 

Yes, they can increase your home’s value. An outdoor living space with desirable amenities like a hot tub and kitchen will make your house more attractive to potential buyers, thus raising the value. How much the value goes up will depend on your specific outdoor living space, like the materials it’s constructed out of and how comfortable it is.

Outdoor living spaces can get cold in the winter, making it a good idea to have a fireplace or fire pit and heat lamps. Alternative outdoor heating options like propane heaters are available to make the space warmer. Blankets are another helpful option to make seating more comfortable.

There’s no one specific answer to this question. It will depend largely on the amenities you want and your budget. We will evaluate this during the design process and come up with the perfect size to meet your needs. 



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