Boulder Walls

Boulder Walls

Boulder Wall in Minneapolis

Boulder Retaining Walls:

Boulder retaining walls are the most popular and longest lasting retaining wall that we build. These boulder walls are very common in the Midwest and Minnesota. They are not only beautiful, but are economically priced as well.

The appearances of boulder retaining walls vary greatly depending upon the type of rock used and the style used to place them. These walls are often used in natural settings with good to poor soils. A fabric is usually installed between the boulders and the soil to limit erosion through the spaces between the boulders. Boulder retaining walls are considered gravity walls, because they use the mass of the rocks to stabilize the soil. These boulders are very heavy, so it is important to have the professionals at Natural Environments Corporation install for you.

Boulder Retaining Wall in Minneapolis

Boulder walls create an attractive look while adding function and detail to your landscape. Our Minneapolis landscape design team will impress you with their ability to create a natural conceptual design that is unique and resilient.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your new boulder retaining wall. Our design experts will make your boulder retaining wall a breathtaking site that can last a lifetime.



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