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Stone Walls

Stone Walls Minnesota

Stone Retaining Wall

There’s a reason that stone walls are seen throughout the countryside in Minnesota: Stone walls are long-lasting, elegant and age wonderfully. Natural stone walls can add a stunning landscape accent and functional use to a Minneapolis landscape design on many residential and commercial properties. Depending upon your personal preference and the style of your structure, these types of retaining walls can be an excellent choice. In addition to providing a way of decorating your property in Minneapolis, stone walls can also help prevent erosion while supporting proper drainage. Our NEC team has installed hundreds of stone walls across Minnesota, helping homeowners and property managers get that natural classic look.

Stone Walls Minneapolis

When you consult with a Minneapolis landscape designer, be sure they explain the cost variations from manufactured retaining walls and even within the grouping of natural stone walls. Materials can vary in cost, so be sure to pick the one that fits your budget. Natural stone walls in Minneapolis are very competitively priced with other types retaining walls, yet natural stone walls last longer than other types of retaining walls. This natural classy look may be exactly what is right for your Minneapolis landscape.

Minneapolis landscaping companies install natural stone walls in Minneapolis for a variety of functional uses. The primary use of stone walls is to stabilize steep slopes, however, retaining walls can be installed to create level areas or terraces. Sometimes property owners use natural stone walls to add decorative and functional accents to retain landscape beds. Constructing a stone wall requires engineering expertise, creative solutions, and artistic professionals. When you hire NEC, you are hiring the one of the most experienced stone wall contractors in Minneapolis, St. Paul and their surrounding areas in Minnesota.

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