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Stone Walls

Based in Minneapolis, Natural Environments Corporation handles landscaping design and installation in a wide variety of areas, including stone retaining walls. We have been working since 1983 to provide the highest quality landscaping services in Minnesota. With a team of experts on every project, you can ensure that your stone wall will be handled with professionalism and precision from start to finish. Request a quote today to get started.

What Are Stone Walls?

Stone retaining walls are a type of retaining wall system that’s constructed out of stone. Stone walls can be anything from a boulder retaining wall to a mortared stone wall which is a type of stone wall that adheres stone together with mortar to create a wall.

When people talk about stone retaining walls, they’re usually referring to dry-stack stone. Some of these stone types include Fond du Lac or Chilton. These are usually 8-inch wide pieces of stone,  which creates a very different aesthetic compared to other types of stone retaining walls like boulder walls because it’s usually rectangular pieces of stone being stacked on top of each other. Oftentimes, this type of wall is found in suburban and inner city areas where the look requested is a little more modern and less natural. But it’s still more natural-looking than a concrete wall or block wall.

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How Are Stone Walls Installed?

The way stone retaining walls are installed will vary depending on the type of stone being used. Some stone walls, like boulder walls, can be constructed as gravity walls, which means they have enough mass to support the load on their own without any reinforcement. But, in some cases, you may need a reinforcement material installed to make the wall strong enough to support the slope.

Why You Should Get Experts to Install Your Stone Wall

The typical problems people have with installing stone retaining walls are dependent on the skill set of the individuals installing them. Stone walls in particular need skill because knowing when to put a reinforcement material or when not to is critical. 

Some stone walls can have little mass, so as you start gaining height, they’re more susceptible to tipping over from heavy loads. This is especially true when there’s a significant amount of hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure caused by water. It’s really important to have the correct retention systems installed behind them and drainage systems to alleviate this pressure. So, if someone is not skilled at that, it’s almost going to guarantee a failure.

What Happens if Stone Retaining Walls Aren’t Installed Correctly?

One of the advantages to stone retaining walls is the aesthetic. The finished retaining wall appears natural because it is stone, yet appears very organized because of the uniformity of the stone pieces. One of the challenges of these types of stone walls is that without a highly skilled installer, they are subject to failure more easily than some other wall types. 


They’re also on the more expensive end of our retaining wall offerings. The actual stone tends to cost more than some of our other retaining wall products and the installation process is very labor intensive. If you’re paying a significant amount for a stone wall, you’ll want to ensure it’s being installed by experts. Otherwise, it could topple over after a small storm or when the load is increased. Having a retaining wall topple over can be dangerous. If anyone is near the wall, they may get injured. The soil above can also fall, which can lead to property damage if there is a landslide. It may also cause damage to what the retaining wall is holding up, like if a car is parked nearby. All in all, investing in a highly skilled expert to construct your stone retaining wall is essential. 

When you contact Natural Environments Corporation, you can rest assured that your money is being put to good use. With our expert design and construction team on the job, you’ll get a wall that looks great, stays on-budget, and lasts for years to come. 

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

Stone retaining walls are one of the most long-lasting options for retaining walls. The main reason for this is that stone is extremely durable. Stone retaining walls have been known to last anywhere from 40-100 years. 


But, it’s important to note that these numbers depend on the skill of the installer. Non-experts are more likely to make errors during the design and construction phases that threaten the lifespan of the wall. Skill can mean the difference between a wall that topples in a week and a wall that lasts a century. 

Stone retaining walls vary widely in price depending on the type of stone used, how large the wall is, and whether reinforcement is necessary or not. Typically, the price of a stone retaining wall is between $50-100 per square foot.

Retaining walls typically collapse due to installation problems. For example, if the right drainage system isn’t added, there may be excessive hydrostatic pressure when it rains. This is because when it rains, the soil will get saturated, causing it to weigh more than it does when it’s dry. A team of experts will be able to weigh these factors accurately to design and construct a stone retaining wall that stands the test of time.

While retaining walls can hold back some water, they are not designed to hold back excessive amounts of water. Drainage systems are typically installed around the retaining wall to prevent water from building up behind it. Otherwise, there may be excessive hydrostatic pressure that causes the wall to topple over.



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