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Rip Rap

If your shoreline is eroding, you need someone with the knowledge and capabilities to install rip rap to mitigate the issue. At Natural Environments Corporation, we have worked with many clients to correct their shoreline erosion problems. With 40 years of landscaping and a team of experts on every project, you can trust us for all your landscaping needs. Contact our team in Minneapolis to get started today. 

What Is Rip Rap?

Rip rap is a material that’s used when you’re having erosion problems on a shoreline, whether it’s a river, a lake, or a pond. It’s typically used when a shoreline is eroding. This can be caused by currents, wave action, boat wakes, heavy rainfall, or ice.

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How Is Rip Rap Installed?

Here are some of the steps we take when installing rip rap:

  1. Preparing the shoreline on a slope, typically a 3:1 slope.
  2. Installing a geo-textile fabric, which is placed under the rip rap.
  3. Adding a layer of crushed stones above the geotextile fabric.
  4. Installing a row of toe boulders buried in the ground at the base of the slope.
  5. Installing the rip rap at 1-2 feet above the normal high water line.

What Are the Advantages of Rip Rap?

Dissipates Wave Energy

One of the advantages of using rip rap along the slope is that you can take wave energy and dissipate it along the slope before it hits the soil, which will help prevent erosion. 

Deflects Ice

Also, you can deflect ice. When ice is blown in, it has a great deal of energy, which can be transferred to your shoreline and cause a lot of damage. So the goal is to deflect the ice vertically to minimize the risk of damage to your shoreline.


What Happens if Rip Rap Isn’t Installed Correctly?

It’s important to note how critical it is to understand the rules and regulations regarding shorelines and what you can do with them. If your contractor does not follow the local rules and regulations, they may require you to remove the improvements. 

Equally important, if your contractor is not an expert in the installation of rip rap, it is very likely that your shoreline will continue to erode. Don’t waste your money, contact us today if you want expert designers and installers who know the rules and regulations. With four decades of experience with shoreline jobs, we understand all the rules surrounding rip rap installation on shorelines. 

Is Rip Rap Always the Best Solution?

Rip rap is not always the best solution. In lower erosion intensity environments, vegetative solutions can be the most environmentally friendly solution. In medium erosion intensity environments, a hybrid system might be best, and in a high intensity erosion situation, rip rap may be the best solution. 

If your shoreline is experiencing erosion, especially heavy erosion, we recommend contacting us. Request a quote today, and we will work with you to evaluate whether rip rap is right for your specific situation.

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

Rip rap prevents erosion by protecting the soils on your shoreline. This is often called hard armoring.

Yes, rip rap is a very effective solution. As mentioned, the rocks hard armor the shoreline and decrease the velocity of the water running along it. Of course, it is important to remember that rip rap will only be as effective as the skill of the people installing it. Using the wrong size of rocks, setting the slope at the wrong angle, and other issues can cause rip rap to be ineffective. We always recommend consulting with experts if you want the job done right. 

Rip rap often requires a permit. It depends on the specific project. When you trust our experts at NEC, though, you won’t need to worry about anything. We are familiar with all the rules and regulations of the local governing agencies and will determine whether you need a permit or not.

So long as it is installed properly, rip rap can last for decades. The reason for this is that rocks are very durable. Some rip rap shorelines end up lasting beyond the property owner’s lifetime.

The cost of rip rap will naturally vary depending on the specific job, such as how much area is covered as well as the type that’s used. Ungrouted rip rap typically costs between $200-300 per ton. 

When your shoreline erodes, you may wonder if the issue is that bad or if you can wait a little longer before finding a solution. The main issue with shoreline erosion is that the more it happens, the smaller your property becomes. This may be a slow process, but large storms can expedite it. For your property’s value, it’s important to get erosion under control as soon as possible. NEC has the experience, expertise, and the installation experts to navigate the extremely complex process of protecting your shoreline.



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