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Pergolas, Outdoor Structures and Foundations

Searching for a Minneapolis pergola builder or a Minnesota outdoor structure contractor? At Natural Environments Corporation, we’re here to make your outdoor structures and foundations ideas come to life. We’ve been working since 1983 to bring clients landscaping services that perfectly fit their budget, desired use, and personal style. If you need an outdoor structure or foundation repaired or replaced, our experts are here for you. Request a free quote from us today to get started. 

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What Do Outdoor Structures and Foundations Refer to?

When we’re talking about outdoor structures and foundations, we’re usually referring to decks, fences, and pergolas in Minnesota as a general rule of thumb.

How Are Outdoor Structures and Foundations Installed?

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace

The first order of business is to determine whether or not a deck, pergola, or fence will be repaired or replaced.

We are happy to come out and analyze your existing structure. If it’s a deck, we would look at the framing, footings, and posts, decking and the railings. For a fence, it might involve taking a look at the posts of the fence and the fence boards. From there, we determine whether we can replace the finishes or if we need to start over and build something new. 

Having someone that’s an expert in this area is important, because it gives you peace of mind that you’re spending your money wisely. For example, if your deck is moving up and down with the freeze and thaw cycle, it may just require different footings. An unskilled installer may not be aware of this and tell you that it needs to be fully replaced instead, thus wasting your money.

The Design and Permitting Process

If we decide to replace the structure, then we’ll move on to the design and permitting process. Regardless of what type of deck you’ll put in, you’ll likely need a permit. For that, you’ll need permit drawings. Even if it doesn’t require a permit, you’ll still need a well-designed deck that’s going to function the way you want it to and meet your budget. 

We will use our extensive knowledge of local rules and regulations to design your outdoor structure so that it is beautiful, functional and compliant. After the design is completed, we will submit the drawings to the city for approval. Once the permit is issued, we will expertly install your new outdoor structure.

Given all the details that go into installing structures and foundations, you need experts on your side to get it done right. Request a quote from us today.

What Happens if Outdoor Structures and Foundations Aren’t Installed Correctly?

When it comes to the installation of Minneapolis pergolas or other outdoor structures and foundations, who you hire is vital. You want to have a qualified, skilled carpenter do the work, not someone who’s just doing this on the side. That way, they can execute the plan appropriately and create a long-lasting, beautiful product for you. 

If you hire someone that’s not experienced or skilled at carpentry work, you might end up with an unattractive, unappealing deck, fence, or pergola. You also might spend as much or more money and not end up with the quality of the product you’re looking for. Request a quote from us so one of our skilled professionals can design and install your new structure. 

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Natural Environments Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes outdoor structures and foundations are covered under home insurance. Other times, they are not. We recommend taking a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if the structure you want to install is covered or not. In some cases, policies will only cover specific types of damage, such as from fires, storms, and vandalism.

Yes, outdoor structures are a good investment. When they’re handled by professionals, outdoor structures are a great way to beautify your property and make it more functional. A deck can serve as a great entertainment space, pergolas create a comfortable shaded area, and fences can provide privacy or contain your pets and protect your property from intruders.

Whether your outdoor structure should be repaired or replaced depends on the scope of the damage. For example, if you have a deck that has some deteriorated deck boards, the solution might be to simply replace the decking. On the other hand, if you have a deck that was eaten by termites or is extensively rotted, it may be better to just replace the deck altogether. Severely damaged decks can pose a safety threat for your family and guests, so it is best to have our experts come out and examine your deck if you suspect there may be an issue. 

Sometimes you might have an outdoor structure that’s not severely damaged, but doesn’t really fit your desired aesthetic or lifestyle anymore. As an example, let’s say you had a short fence around the house when you bought it. After that, you end up adopting a large dog. Suddenly the short fence doesn’t work anymore because your dog could jump over it. That may be an indication that you need a new fence, even if your current one isn’t damaged. We can design and build a beautiful new outdoor structure that you will fall in love with. 

What size structure you need will largely depend on what you’re using the structure for. As an example, if you only need a deck for a small dining table, you might only need it to be 12 by 12. However, if you want your deck to have a full-fledged outdoor kitchen and plenty of seating, you may need a deck that’s significantly larger than this. For fences, you’ll need to take your values and lifestyle into account. If you want a fence primarily for privacy reasons, you may need a taller fence.

At Natural Environments Corporation, we pride ourselves on specializing in many different materials. The main reason we do this is to provide you with as many options as we can. This allows us to create outdoor structures and foundations that best fit your situation rather than just using the same materials for every single project. Whether you’re looking for a maintenance free deck, a custom fence, or a unique pergola, we’re here to design and install it for you.



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